This is National Shunt

We are National Shunt Service Limited. For more than 25 years we have performed spotting, jockeying, yarding, switching, or as we call it, shunting services to some of the world’s leading (and most demanding) manufacturers and retailers across the United States and Canada. National Shunt is responsible for more than 100,000 trailer movements a month and we pride ourselves on doing this safely, efficiently, and on budget.

Our team of more than 500 full-time employees are experienced and bonded logistics professionals and will provide your operation with a comprehensive system. We refer to this system as a TOTAL YARD MANAGEMENT™ solution, customized to your needs. Remember, no matter whether you refer to it as a shunt, yard jockey, spotter, or yard mule, National Shunt is the premier yard management provider for your supply-chain network.